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Young and old tackle climate change

April 30, 2022

What links 80-year-old Sue Parfitt and 20-year-old Carla Rochel? Both are committed to taking action on climate change.


Eighty-year-old Sue Parfitt from Britain no longer understands the world. Because of climate change, she says, her grandchildren's existence is threatened - and nobody seems to really care. So she’s decided to take the initiative: Together with other environmental activists, she blocks oil shipments, and her actions land her in court. Meanwhile in Germany, 20-year-old Carla Rochel's protest movement calls itself the "Last Generation" that will be able to avert a climate catastrophe. They too block ports, airports and highways, sticking themselves to roads using superglue. The threat of jail doesn’t deter them either. They want the German government to act fast on more climate protection measures. The two women show that alarm over our changing climate is something that transcends generations. A report by Birgit Maass and Leonie von Hammerstein.

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