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Trump's last days in office: Lame duck or raging bull?

November 26, 2020

Donald Trump's days in the White House finally seem to be numbered. The question is: how much damage can he still do? Guests: Susanne Koelbl (Spiegel), Ali Fathollah-Nejad (analyst), Erik Kirschbaum (LA Times)

DW To The Point (EN+DE) | Ali Fathollah-Nejad
Image: DW


Susanne Koelbl, foreign correspondent for Spiegel Magazine, who says: "Trump has had a devastating impact on America's standing as a reliable global leader. The old America no longer exists."   

DW To The Point (EN + DE) | Erik Kirschbaum
Image: DW



Erik Kirschbaum, a freelance journalist who writes for the LA Times, and says: "Trump’s power is fading by the day. But his failure to ensure a smooth transition to Biden has become a real threat to national security."

DW To The Point (EN + DE) | Ali Fathollah-Nejad
Image: DW



Ali Fathollah-Nejad, a German-Iranian political scientist with the Afro-Middle East Center in Johannesburg. And Ali argues that: "Overt military adventurism against Iranian interests may prove too costly, even for Trump. So, covert operations are more likely." 

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