Trash into cash: Plastic waste in Haiti | Reporter - On Location | DW | 10.06.2018
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Trash into cash: Plastic waste in Haiti

Richardson Gustave works for an unusual project called "The Plastic Bank," which wants to protect the environment and help people escape poverty.

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Plastic waste is a growing problem worldwide. The oceans are awash in garbage, causing the deaths of marine animals. Traces of plastics are turning up in our bloodstreams, too. The problems created by plastic waste are especially visible in Haiti. Many people here live in poverty and amid plastic waste. "The Plastic Bank" pays people to collect waste in order to reduce pollution and poverty. The waste is then sold for recycling. Richardson Gustave set up the project to help rebuild his country that was devastated by hurricanes in 2008. It's not easy to implement it in reality. Turning Waste into Opportunity - The Plastic Pickers of Haiti - A Report by Sabine Streich