Tourism in Germany takes off | DW Travel | DW | 30.08.2016

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Tourism in Germany takes off

For years, the numbers of tourists visiting Germany have only been heading in one direction: upwards. And the Tourism Association expects another new record year.

The German holiday sector is forging ahead. The industry expects an increase of four percent in overnight stays this year. This translates into an increase of 17.4 million stays, bringing the total to 453.7 million, a spokeswoman for the German Tourism Association (DTV) says. This would set yet another new record.

The numbers of both domestic and foreign holidaymakers have been rising. The most popular destinations are the coasts of North and Baltic Seas and the south of Germany, especially Upper Bavaria, the Bavarian Forest or Lake Constance.

But not all corners of the republic are enjoying this boom. Tourism specialists say some regions have to market themselves better. "Just printing a nice brochure about a beautiful landscape won’t do it," comments the spokeswoman for the DTV.

fm,cc/ks (dpa)

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