Tips for travelers to Greece | DW Travel | DW | 29.06.2015
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Tips for travelers to Greece

The government in Athens has closed all banks in Greece for at least one week and cash withdrawals for Greek customers are limited to 60 Euro per day. But how will these measures affect tourists?

The Greek government says foreign tourists will not be affected by the limited cash withdrawals.

Nevertheless people planning a trip to Greece are advised to take plenty of cash with them and keep a close watch on how developments proceed. ATM’s might run dry and long queues are expected. Visitors to large cities are also warned to keep a close eye on valuables, especially in crowded places or when using public transport.

Greece remains a popular tourist destination

A large number of Greek citizens tried to withdraw large sums of money at the week-end and long queues formed at ATMs. As people also queued for petrol, the government announced that, as from Tuesday on, travel on public transport will be free of charge in the Athens region. The Acropolis is now accepting credit cards.

But despite the financial crisis Greece registered a record 22 million tourists last year.

That’s 23 percent more foreign visitors compared to 2013. Most tourists came from Germany, followed by visitors from Britain, Bulgaria, France and Russia.

TUI , the number one company for package holidays in Germany, expects even more bookings in 2015 than in 2014.

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