Three Recommendations from Thomas Ebert, Aachen′s Carnival Prince | Recommended | DW | 16.11.2008
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Three Recommendations from Thomas Ebert, Aachen's Carnival Prince

Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia


Thomas Ebert is Aachen's Carnival Prince. He takes us to his three favorite places in the city, starting with the hill called the Lousberg. "Here from Aachen's highest point, one has a breathtaking view of my home town, from the town center and town hall there.This is a beautiful natural area here, where I very much enjoy going jogging in the morning. It's the only possibility to really enjoy nature as an urban dweller." As for his second tip, the Aachen market square, he says. "Here in my favorite space you can have a great coffee, watch the people walk past or enjoy one or the other glass of beer." And for his third recommendation he takes us to the student quarter of Aachen, to Cafe Madrid. There he meets his royal court and sips what he calls the trown's best mojito.

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