The top fall feasts celebrated in Germany | Meet the Germans | DW | 26.09.2018
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Meet the Germans

The top fall feasts celebrated in Germany

Germany is full of traditions celebrated throughout the year, but autumn has its own special brand of festivities celebrating harvest, light, liberty and luck to warm up a season heading into darkness.

Whether it's fireworks on New Year's Eve, not saying "Happy Birthday" before one's actual birthday, dancing around the May pole on May Day, or celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, Germany has its own unique take on traditions, superstitions and simply throwing a party.

Even in modern, technicized 2018, many traditions and customs still center around the seasons. Spring is heralded as the season of new beginnings; summer is cherished as time off work and school and a chance to experience; Christmastime will make any small kid's eyes light up – while fall traditions often look to the outdoors for inspiration.

The changing light outside plays a big role in those autumn traditions, with candles and lanterns taking center stage. Apple festivals celebrate the bounty of a fruit harvest, but also mark the end of a season full of sunlight.

Fall in Germany also means a look back at significant political events that changed modern German history forever.

Take a look at our picture galleries to get a glimpse of autumn in Germany.

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