10 things you′ll find in (almost) every German household | Meet the Germans | DW | 25.04.2018
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Meet the Germans

10 things you'll find in (almost) every German household

From specialized breakfast equipment to an army of binders, here are 10 things you're likely to find in most German households.

If you take a tour of a German home, you might just find some items that prove stereotypes like order and a love for everything practical aren't just myths. 

Click through the gallery above for 10 household objects that many Germans just can't do without. 

If you're visiing Germany, read the gallery below first. In it, you'll find a list of things you should avoid here - if you don't want to commit a faux pas. 

For more about German culture, language and lifestyle, visit dw.com/meetthegermans


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