The beauty of sunshine: German expressions | Meet the Germans | DW | 21.06.2021

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Meet the Germans

The beauty of sunshine: German expressions

Sunlight and being outdoors gave us a real boost this past pandemic year. To mark summer solstice, we look at German idioms using the word "sun."

We've been bringing you German expressions with the elements, like earth, water and fire. Now, to mark the solstice on June 21, kicking off summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day of the year, here are phrases using another wonder of nature that packs a dynamite punch: the sun.

With our lives turned upside down during the pandemic, many of us have learned to appreciate the little things in life: like the sheer pleasureof sitting in the sunlight for a few minutes to recharge our batteries. As the world slowly starts to recover, let's hope we don't forget life's little treats.

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Why the Germans love their allotment gardens

Click through the gallery above to learn phrases with "sun."

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