SPD head: Schulz enjoys ′enormous support′ | News | DW | 20.03.2017

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SPD head: Schulz enjoys 'enormous support'

Social Democrats leader Katarina Barley told DW that the party's 100 percent vote in favor of Schulz's chancellor candidacy was "overwhelming." She also commented on the actions needed to fight against populism.

Shortly after the German Social Democrat's (SPD) historic nomination of Martin Schulz as the party's chancellor candidate - the first time in the center-left party's 153-year history that a candidate received 100 percent of votes in favor - SPD General Secretary Katarina Barley spoke with DW about the significance of the nomination. She framed it as a question on "in which society we want to live." 

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She also discussed how Schulz's experience as President of the European Parliament has prepared to engage with global leaders with diverging perspectives, such as Donald Trump.

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And in a nod to the tide of populism rippling across Europe, Barley highlighted the balance that needs to be struck: engaging populism's supporters without the party ever getting close to populism itself. 

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