Riots in Lebanon with economy in crisis | News | DW | 28.04.2020
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Riots in Lebanon with economy in crisis

Hundreds of protesters have clashed with troops in Tripoli for a second day. The anti-government sentiment, fueled by an ongoing financial collapse, drove people to the streets despite a coronavirus lockdown.

Lebanon saw intense rioting on Tuesday as hundreds of protesters clashed with soldiers in Tripoli for a second day.

The clashes, which lasted late into the night, have left several people injured on both sides.

Unrest over a mounting economic crisis amid a weeks-long coronavirus lockdown has renewed anti-government sentiment that has been brewing in the country for months.

The country is seeing a financial collapse,  with unprecedented inflation and a plunging Lebanese pound.

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Tuesday's spurt in violence was triggered by the death of Fawaz al-Samman, a man in his mid 20s, who was shot by soldiers when clashes began on Monday night. He died a few hours later in the hospital. 

There was a brief calm around sunset, when Muslims broke their fast during the ongoing holy month of Ramadan. But clashes resumed soon after al-Samman's tense funeral. Protesters were seen torching and vandalizing banks and army vehicles. 

Protesters also attempted to stone the central bank headquarters in the capital, Beirut, late on Tuesday night, before being dispersed by troops.

Demonstrators have also cut off several major roads in the country, including the highway that links the capital to the south.

dvv/dr (AFP, AP)

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