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Report: Germany to send police to Slovenia

October 27, 2015

Germany plans to send police to Slovenia to assist authorities, a German newspaper has reported. Slovenia is struggling to cope with refugees as Croatia diverts the flow of migrants to north.

Slowenien Flüchtlinge bei Sentilj
Image: Reuters/L. Foeger

The German periodical "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung" on Tuesday reported that a spokesman of Germany's Interior Ministry had confirmed the plan.

"It's clear that we will be involved," the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung" also reported that Jörg Radek, chairman of Germany's police union, warned of stretching the federal police's capacities.

In September, Radek also issued a similar warning, stating that the federal police were "at their limit."

Supporting Balkan states

The report follows an EU emergency summit on Sunday aimed at devising a plan to assist Balkan states overloaded by the influx of asylum seekers and migrants.

The meeting ended with select EU leaders, alongside representatives of Serbia, Macedonia and Albania, agreeing on a 17-point plan to bolster support for Balkan states on the migrants' route towards northern Europe.

Following the summit, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker noted that 400 police officers would be deployed within the week, while the EU's border patrol agency Frontex would be reinforced with personnel.

Infografik Flüchtlinge Balkanroute September mit Kroatien 2015 Englisch

Slovenia struggles

Slovenia has witnessed more than 70,000 refugees enter the country after Hungary closed its border with non-Schengen member Croatia, forcing migrants to reroute through the Alpine country on their journey towards wealthier EU nations, such as Germany and Sweden.

Hungary also reinstated border controls on its border with Slovenia, further straining Slovenian authorities' ability to cope with the influx of asylum seekers and migrants.

The EU's latest maneuvers to cope with the wave of migration come amid fears that refugees may face stark conditions as winter sets in.

ls/kms (AFP, Reuters, dpa)