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Refugees and Migrants: In Search of a New Home

June 30, 2023

War, violence and hunger have displaced more than 100 million people worldwide – a new record. Global Us reports on the fate, challenges and hopes of refugees in Tunisia, Niger, Venezuela and Georgia.

Tunesien Flüchtlingsboot auf dem Meer
Image: ZDF
Tunesien, Sfax | Demo gegen Migranten aus der Subsahara
Image: Houssem Zouari/AFP/Getty Images

Tunisia: Sub-Saharan Africans no longer welcome

The Tunisian coastal city Sfax is a gateway to Europe for many African migrants. From here, they cross the Mediterranean. But Tunisia itself is mired in crisis, and a surge in racism is adding to the migrants’ problems.





Niger Flüchtling in Rikscha
Image: DW

Niger: New Home in Transit Country

Adam and Sefedine are friends from Sudan. They wanted to flee to Europe, but after a long odyssey, they opted to stay in Niger. There they have started a successful taxi business and settled into their new home.





Venezuela Rückkehrer in eigenem Laden
Image: DW

Venezuela: Back from Exile

Millions of Venezuelans have left their homeland in recent years, mostly due to economic hardship. But conditions in Venezuela have improved slightly, and some are now returning.





Georgien Flüchtlinge
Image: DW

Georgia: Sanctuary for Young Russians

Maria attended protests in favor of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny. Ilya fled Russia to avoid getting drafted into Vladimir Putin's army. Both are programmers, and have found refuge in Georgia.






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