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British queen goes 'fur-free'

November 6, 2019

Representatives of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II have announced that the monarch will no longer wear new outfits made with real fur. The news was welcomed by animal rights groups.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing fur in the rain
Image: Reuters/P. Nicholls

Buckingham Palace on Wednesday announced that new outfits worn by  Queen Elizabeth II would no longer use real fur.

The decision does not mean that the queen will dispose of the fur items of clothing which she already owns.

"The queen will continue to re-wear existing outfits in her wardrobe," said a palace spokesperson.

Elizabeth II's senior personal dresser, Angela Kelly, revealed the information in her new memoir before it was confirmed by the palace.

The memoir also reveals that the queen has an employee wear her shoes in for her before she uses them.

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Queen Elizabeth II and her son Prince Charles
Queen Elizabeth II and her son Prince CharlesImage: Reuters/V. Jones

Animal rights activists 'thrilled'

The decision to stop wearing fur outfits was welcomed by animal rights activists. Claire Bass, director of the Humane Society International UK, said: "We are thrilled Her Majesty has officially gone fur-free."

Bass said that she hoped the news would send a positive message that fur was no longer considered fashionable.

The queen is known for her elaborate outfits featuring fur and other expensive materials, such as that traditionally worn at the state opening of parliament. The queen will be required to reopen parliament after December's general election, a mere two months after the last time she did.

Fur farming is banned in the UK, but it is not illegal to buy or sell fur.

ed/rc (Reuters, AP)

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