Protecting Mexico′s rich forests | Global Ideas | DW | 15.05.2012
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Global Ideas

Protecting Mexico's rich forests

The Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range is one of Mexico’s most precious natural treasures, boasting lush forests with rich biodiversity. It also serves as a vital carbon sink for the country. The corridor, which is under threat, has long been designated a natural reserve. Now, authorities are doubling their efforts to protect the area, teaching local communities and villages, too, how to take responsibility for their land. Reporter Michael Wetzel shows us the region’s rich diversity, from its cloud forests to wetlands to pine groves and arid zones, and he shows us how authorities are educating the locals on the urgency of protecting the nature around them. In the background article, Caroline Ring explores climate technology in Mexico, like how meteorological stations can play an important role in monitoring the effects of climate change. And the data is not positive.