Preview: Drama on the high seas | eco@africa | DW | 03.06.2016
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Preview: Drama on the high seas

Fishermen on the tiny island of São Tomé off the west coast of Africa are taking a stand against illegal trawlers destroying the marine habitat - and their earnings.

This week on eco@africa, we take you to the small island paradise of Africa's São Tomé and Príncipe where local fishermen are tackling big illegal trawlers taking over their fisheries. The country's attorney general Frederique Samba Viegas D'Abreu talks about his big success story last year, when he managed to put a sea captain behind bars for illegal fishing. But not before a 100-day game of hide-and-go seek on the high seas.

Our eco hero this week comes from Tanzania. The prize-winning young chemical engineer has created a low-cost water filter to help bring clean water to his country.

Staying in Africa, we head to Mozambique to dive into the realm of the threatened manta rays and take a look at how residents in southern Nigeria are dealing with devastating land erosion.

Heading over to Europe, we explore efforts to boost food security and meet the Spanish entrepreneurs who want you to charge your mobile phone using, errr, potted plants.

Join use for all the latest green innovations and issues from Africa and Europe on eco@africa.