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Helene Fischer makes rare political comment on Chemnitz

September 5, 2018

She has been criticized for avoiding all political issues, but now the influential pop singer Helene Fischer has "broken the silence," joining the chorus of voices against violence and racism.

Helene Fischer
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/M. Balk

Pop star Helene Fischer, also dubbed the Queen of Schlager, has often been criticized for avoiding political topics.

The influential German star preferred to remain silent, for instance, when Germany was caught in debates on its refugee policy, and didn't say a word about sexism in show business as other entertainers worldwide gave their testimonies and expressed support for the #MeToo movement.

Rock singer Udo Lindenberg is just one the stars who had publicly called on Fischer — in an interview back in 2016 — to take a stance against far-right populism.

'Breaking the silence'

However, at a concert in Berlin on Tuesday, she decided to speak out for the first time, reacting to the violent protests in Chemnitz that grabbed the world's attention.

Introducing her hit "Wir brechen das Schweigen" (We are breaking the silence), she started by reacting to the criticism: "I do not talk about politics. My language is music."

"But I'm also following what's happening in the world," she added. "And that's why tonight, now and here together with you: Let's set an example." She called on her fans to stand up and, "Raise your voice together with me, against violence, against xenophobia. Let's sing this song together. Let's break the silence here in Berlin. "

She had previously posted a similar message on Instagram and Facebook, accompanied by the hashtag #WirSindMehr, which was the motto of the anti-racism concert held on Monday in Chemnitz.

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