Kevin Spacey: London theater reveals 20 testimonies of harassment | News | DW | 16.11.2017
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Kevin Spacey: London theater reveals 20 testimonies of harassment

London's Old Vic theater has received 20 testimonies alleging sexual harassment by Hollywood star Kevin Spacey. The theater has apologized for staff not being able to talk openly before, but the allegations may continue.

London's Old Vic Theater on Thursday released the findings of an internal investigation into alleged harassment by Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey.

The probe, which began on October 31, has revealed "20 personal testimonies … of alleged inappropriate behaviour carried out by Kevin Spacey during his time as Artistic Director," according to a press release.

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The theater stressed that "no legal claims, formal grievances, formal disputes, settlement agreements or payments made or authorised were made at all in relation to Kevin Spacey during his tenure."

The statement said that the theater had not been able to verify any of the allegations and that Spacey had not commented on them. In all but one case, the statement says, the individuals did not come forward at the time of the alleged harassment.

Spacey's star status a deterrent

However, Spacey's status at the Old Vic as a "cult personality" may have kept people from speaking up.

"The investigation found that his stardom and status at The Old Vic may have prevented people, and in particular junior staff or young actors, from feeling that they could speak up or raise a hand for help," according to the statement.

Spacey, who was artistic director at the Old Vic from 2004 to 2015, has faced a number of allegations of sexual harassment since the The New Yorker and The New York Times published stories about sexual harassment and abuse allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein earlier this year.

The revelations sparked a wave of abuse and harassment allegations against major stars in the film industry.

Kevin Spacey has also been dropped from the  Netflix hit "House of Cards," as well as  other productions.

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