Innovative beach chair on the Baltic Sea | DW Travel | DW | 13.06.2016
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Innovative beach chair on the Baltic Sea

Spend a night on the beach in a "Strandkorb". The innovation was the result of tourism experts collectively trying to figure out what makes visitors happy.

These sleeper "Strandkorb" - literally translated "beach basket" - can be rented at Baltic Sea resorts like Eckernförde, Timmendorfer Strand and Lübeck. The first eight of these chairs are nearly booked out. So far twelve chairs have been bought and another 50 ordered. In future some 20 beaches will be offering these beach chairs that you can sleep and dream in. Two adults can fit on the 1.40 meter (4.5 ft.) broad space. They find shelter from wind and rain under an impregnated protective cover, which has windows to allow clear views of the sea, beach and stars. "The beach chair is broader and flatter than the normal roofed-wicker Strandkorb chairs," explains Marc Euler from the Schleswig-Holstein Tourism Agency. (TA.SH).
"Many recalled that one of their happiest childhood memories was of sleeping on a beach and being subjected to the natural elements around them," Euler says. They decided to capture this happy childhood memory feeling by designing the sleeper beach chair.
The high-tech beach chair is initially being tested at the Baltic Sea and will later also be on offer at North Sea beaches too. A sleeper standkorb from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. costs 15 euro (16.9 US $). Prices for an overnight rental start at 29 euro (32.6 US $).