Inequality in a Diverse World | Global 3000 - The Globalization Program | DW | 14.05.2021

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Global 3000

Inequality in a Diverse World

4,000 peoples, 7,000 languages. We humans are a diverse bunch. But opportunities on the planet also vary widely. Why is there so much inequality? Global 3000 goes looking for answers.

Bolivia: Skater girls take on stereotypes

In Cochabamba, young women go skateboarding in their traditional indigenous clothes. They’re breaking with traditional gender roles, while affirming their people's identity - and having fun at the same time.


Haiti: Helping to deliver better care for women

The number of women dying during childbirth in Haiti is very high. Private aid organizations like Child Care Haiti are trying to provide Haitian women the basic healthcare that the government is not able to provide.


China: Support for the children left behind

Guo Guo is three years old and she lives in a village with her grandmother. Her parents are migrant workers who have gone to the big city in search of work. She is one of some 69 million Chinese children left behind.


Nigeria: Hygiene is a human right

In Nigeria, 86 million people live in extreme poverty. For many, it means no electricity, no running water, inadequate sanitary conditions. But now the government says it is planning to give everyone access to toilets.




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