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Man with dark hair and a beard (Idro Seferi) in Belgrade, Serbia
Idro SeferiImage: Idro Seferi

Idro Seferi

Reporter specializing in politics and society in the Western Balkans

Idro Seferi has been working with DW since December 2019.

Born in Peja, Kosovo, Idro started working in journalism in 2004. He has since worked for a variety of news outlets including TV Top Channel (Tirana), Gazeta Express (Pristina), Radio Free Europe (Prague), Radio Dukagjini (Pristina), Al Jazeera Balkans (Sarajevo), SRF (Zurich), Koha Ditore (Pristina), TV Klan and ABC News (Tirana), RTV Vojvodina (Novi Sad) and Klan Kosova (Pristina).

Over the past two decades he has reported from numerous countries in eastern and south-eastern Europe: Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia, specializing in topics relating to politics and society in the Western Balkans.

His particular focus is on relations between the countries of the former Yugoslavia, post-conflict stories, relations between various ethnic groups, and relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

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