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Belgrade's Serbian-Jewish choir preserves rich heritage

Idro Seferi in Belgrade
April 24, 2024

The Serbian-Jewish Singing Society in Belgrade is open to people of all ethnicities and creeds. Its choir not only performs music of different eras, genres and languages but also keeps Serbia's Jewish heritage alive.


The choir of the Serbian-Jewish Singing Society in Belgrade, Serbia's capital, was founded by Sephardic Jews who came to Eastern Europe from Spain in the 15th century. Today, membership is not restricted to Jews but is open to anyone who wants to join. 

The choir performs music from different eras and genres and in different languages, thereby preserving the rich and diverse traditions of Belgrade's once-vibrant Jewish community. 

DW paid a visit to the choir as it prepared for a concert and found a group of people aspiring to spread peace, love and hope in a time of conflict.

Man with dark hair and a beard (Idro Seferi) in Belgrade, Serbia
Idro Seferi Reporter specializing in politics and society in the Western Balkans