′I live here now, of course I′m going to help′ | News | DW | 05.06.2016
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'I live here now, of course I'm going to help'

Several refugees came forward to help with the cleaning operations in Simbach after severe flooding in southern Germany caused damage worth a billion euros. Some Twitter users, however, are calling it a publicity stunt.

Deutschland Simbach Aufräumarbeiten nach Flut

Sixteen-year-old Zain Hussein from Syria worked side by side with Germans to clean up after flooding damaged almost 500 houses and structures in the Bavarian town of Simbach.

Hussein, a refugee, arrived in Simbach almost 10 months ago. When asked about why he is taking part in the cleaning operations, he replied, "I live here now, of course I'm going to help."

He helped to clean up a gym which was newly built for a school and was scheduled to open shortly. Classes in the school have been cancelled until Wednesday next week.

Hussein was not the only refugee who helped out voluntarily; several other asylum seekers extended a helping hand.

Some German users on Twitter, however, are accusing the media of lying and are calling the whole refugee involvement 'a publicity stunt.'