Human Trafficking Ring Broken Up in Germany, Britain | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 04.11.2004
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Human Trafficking Ring Broken Up in Germany, Britain

British and German police have arrested a total of 13 people in the UK and Germany who were involved in an alleged network trafficking people from Turkey to Britain to work as slave laborers in restaurants and cafés. Five of the arrests were made in the German cities of Cologne and Hamburg as part of a police operation to tackle illegal immigration into the UK, according to British police. In Britain, police arrested eight members of a gang in a series of pre-dawn raids including the suspected leader, who is thought to have owned at least ten fast food restaurants employing illegal immigrants. All of those arrested were of Turkish origin. According to police, immigrants were brought to the London area by air, road or sea through Germany, France and Belgium. One 32-year-old man in Hamburg was suspected of having smuggled between 50 and 100 immigrants from Turkey through that city for €6,000 ($7,700) each.