Germany′s 16 States: North Rhine-Westphalia | DW Travel | DW | 03.10.2018
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Federal States of Germany

Germany's 16 States: North Rhine-Westphalia

Industrial heritage in the Ruhr region, open countryside in Westphalia and a special outlook on life in Cologne: North Rhine-Westphalia is a state of contrasts.

North Rhine-Westphalia, in the far west of Germany, is the state with the highest population and the greatest contribution (21 percent) to the domestic economy, even though the coal and steel industries are now history. An especially impressive testament from the heyday of industry in this region is the Zollverein Industrial Mine Complex in Essen, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

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Travel tips for North Rhine-Westphalia


Most residents here don't live in the state capital Düsseldorf, but in Cologne, the metropolis on the Rhine. The Rhinelanders are considered cheerful, cosmopolitan and tolerant. A love letter from Check-in host Nicole Frölich to the Cologne mindset. 

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Cologne: A vibrant cathedral city

Essen in the Ruhr Region

The city of Essen no longer presents itself in coal gray, but in green. Although it's in the center of Germany's largest metropolitan area, the city has even earned itself the title of "European Green Capital" in 2017.

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Essen – a city thinks green


You'll find a contrast to the Rhineland, with its seven large cities, in Westphalia – to be more precise, in Münsterland, the rural region around Münster, where cyclists and riders on horseback set the pace.

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Castles and horses in Münsterland

Poppelsdorf Palace in Bonn

In Bonn, the former capital of West Germany, Poppelsdorf Palace has housed the university's natural sciences collections since 1818.  The Baroque palace, which dates from the 18th century, is a legacy of the Archbishop Elector's love of splendor. Its park is now a botanical garden, which makes it the greenest place on the campus.

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#DailyDrone: Poppelsdorf Palace, Bonn

A Highlight in our 360 degree video

Not far from Bonn, Phantasialand theme park in Brühl is one of Germany's most popular adventure parks, with roller coasters, shows, hotels and the steepest log flume in Germany.  

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