Germany′s 16 states: Lower Saxony | DW Travel | DW | 19.12.2018
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Federal states of Germany

Germany's 16 states: Lower Saxony

This northern German state numbers among the top holiday destinations in Germany – not least because of its mountain regions and the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany is the second-largest German state in surface area after Bavaria. Its natural areas are as rich in variety as its size Is large: from the mountain paradise of the Harz region to the gentle hills in the Weser Uplands and the Osnabrück Land, to the northern German lowlands, with Lüneburg Heath and the North Sea coast, off which lie the East Frisian islands.

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Travel tips for Lower Saxony


The trade fair city of Hannover is also the largest city in Lower Saxony. Among the sights in this once fortified city and royal seat is Hanover's Adventure Zoo, which is considered one of Germany's most beautiful zoos. Nicole Frölich, who hosts our TV show Check-in, even got a kiss from an animal there. 

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Travel tips for Hanover

Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

What magnificence! These large gardens in Hanover constitute 50 hectares of testimony to Baroque gardening art, with a fountain whose jet of water can reach 80 meters in height. Since 2013, this historical garden ensemble has been completed by the reconstruction of the Welfenschloss, a palace that had been largely destroyed during World War II. 

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A natural jewel - The Herrenhausen Gardens

Lower Saxon Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea, a UNESCO Wolrd Natural Heritage site off the North Sea coast is one of Germany's natural wonders. In the middle of it are the East Frisian Islands. One of them is Norderney, where vacationers will find not only intact natural surroundings but also a historical spa, freed from the dust of times past. 

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Trendy Norderney

Cycling through the Weser Uplands

Tranquil towns with half-timbered houses, sunlit woods, crystal clear brooks and Lower Saxony's longest river, the Weser, typify the Weser Uplands in the far south of this state. Some of the tales of the Brothers Grimm are said to have their origins here. Places like the ruins of Cinderella's castle in Polle and the Pied Piper's town of Hamelin are reminders of them.

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The Weserbergland Region - from Höxter to Hamlin

Your trip to Germany

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