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Germany: Prosecutors charge 7 Islamist terror suspects

April 24, 2024

German prosecutors have filed charges against seven suspected Islamist terrorists. The men, who were arrested in July 2023, are suspected of having links to the so-called Islamic State.


Seven radical Islamic terror suspects have been formally charged by German prosecutors with forming a terrorist organization and plotting attacks in Germany.

According to German prosecutors, the men were scouting out possible targets for attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Western Europe.

They were allegedly seeking to gather money and weapons, but did not make any concrete plans for attacks.

Who are the suspects?

The seven men - from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan - entered Germany around the same time in 2022, and were arrested in western Germany in July 2023.

Six of the seven are also accused of supporting the so-called Islamic State, the extremist militia organization.

According to investigators, the suspects, had been in touch with ISIS-K, the Afghan offshoot of Islamic State which claimed responsibility for a March terror attack in Moscow during which at least 137 people were killed.

Who are ISIS-K, the group that hit Russia?

mf/wmr (Reuters, dpa)

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