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Germany arrests second suspect in Russia espionage case

January 26, 2023

A German citizen is suspected of passing intelligence to Russia. Concerns about Russian espionage in Europe have increased since the invasion of Ukraine.

The entry/reentry area of the Munich International Airport where arrivals to Germany are recorded.
The suspect was arrested at Munich airport on his way back from the USImage: Sachelle Babbar/ZUMA Wire/picture alliance

German authorities have arrested a man alleged to have passed intelligence information to Russia, German prosecutors said on Thursday.

The suspect, identified as Arthur E. in line with Germany's privacy laws, was arrested on Sunday in Munich airport, as he arrived from the US.

German authorities were aided in their efforts by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

"Arthur E. took the information to Russia and handed it over to the intelligence service there," said a statement from prosecutors.

He is the second suspect to be arrested on espionage charges relating to Russia in the last months.

The high-profile espionage case comes amid growing European tension concerning Russia's espionage activities, particularly since its invasion of Ukraine.

What do we know about the case?

In December last year, German authorities arrested another man, Carsten L, who was an employee of the German foreign intelligence service (BND).

He was accused of passing information which he obtained in his work to Russian secret services. Arthur E. is believed to have been an associate of Carsten L., but he is not a BND employee, according to prosecutors.

BND President Bruno Kahl has said the case underlined the unscrupulous nature of Russia's methods.

A handful of Russian spies have been discovered around Europe in recent months amidst the war in Ukraine.

A German man working as a reserve officer for the German army received a suspended sentence last November for passing information to Russian intelligence services.

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