German film composer Hans Zimmer earns Hollywood honor | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 03.12.2010
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German film composer Hans Zimmer earns Hollywood honor

Hans Zimmer, the German film composer who wrote the music for such films as "Gladiator," "The Rock," and "The Lion King," has been chosen to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer

Zimmer now has an Oscar and a star on Walk of Fame

The Oscar-winning German film composer Hans Zimmer will soon belong to Hollywood's illustrious Walk of Fame.

Chamber of Commerce officials said on Friday that the 53-year-old Zimmer would receive star number 2426 at an unveiling ceremony next Wednesday.

Zimmer, who was born in Frankfurt and lives in Los Angeles, is regarded as one of the most successful film composers in Hollywood history.

He has written the music for over 100 films, including such blockbusters as "The Rock," "Gladiator," and "The Dark Knight."

He was awarded an Oscar in 1995 for the score of the Disney animation feature "The Lion King," which is regarded as one of the best-selling soundtracks ever produced.

He was also nominated twice for a Grammy this week, for his work on "Sherlock Holmes" and "Inception."

Author: Gabriel Borrud (dpa, AP)
Editor: Nancy Isenson

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