Nine German films have international cinema releases confirmed | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 28.10.2010
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Nine German films have international cinema releases confirmed

German Films, the national information and advisory board for the exportation of German motion pictures, has confirmed nine films are slated for international cinema releases starting in January 2011.

A montage of classic German films including Metropolis and Run Lola Run

Germany has a long tradition of exporting classic films

German Films announced on Thursday that funding of 69,000 euros ($95,000) has been invested to support next year's releases, which will enable foreign audiences to enjoy a selection of Germany's cinema highlights from 2010.

Among the films selected is Feo Aladag's "Die Fremde" ("When We Leave"), which was recently honored by the jury of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards to be held in February 2011. The film tells the story of Umay, a young Turkish girl, who must struggle against the traditionalist views of her family to forge a modern, independent life for herself in Germany. The film will receive a US theater release early next year.

Oskar Roehler's controversial movie "Jud Suess: Film ohne Gewissen" ("Jew Suss: Rise and Fall") will be released to theatres in Sweden. Earlier in the year, the movie caused a stir in Berlin when it was booed during its premiere at the Berlinale with press and critics declaring it a lowlight of the festival due to the creative liberties the filmmakers took with the truth.

Other films confirmed for release outside of Germany are "Soul Kitchen," which is headed for Japan, and "Vincent will Meer" ("Vincent Wants to Sea") which will hit cinemas in Israel.

"Geliebte Clara", "Life, above All", "Shahada", "Der letzte schoene Herbsttag" ("The Last Beautiful Autumn Day") and "Wuestenblume" ("Desert Flower") are the remaining films all headed for international cinemas, although their final destinations were not confirmed.

Author: Gavin Blackburn (dapd/pc/iha)

Editor: Greg Wiser

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