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+++ G20 in Hamburg: live updates +++

July 8, 2017

The G20 summit has concluded in the German city of Hamburg, with leaders of 19 nations recognizing the US' decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement. They, however, renewed their pledge to implement the climate deal.

G20 Hamburg Merkel und Trump
Image: Reuters/C.Barria

Anti G20 protesters riot overnight in Hamburg

-US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other key leaders gathered in Hamburg for the talks hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel

-German police managed to restore control over the city after fighting street battles with anti-globalization protesters

All updates in Central European Summer Time (CEST):

19:10 Chinese President Xi Jinping called for more international efforts to deal with the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Xi met with US President Trump on the G20 sidelines on Saturday and the two leaders discussed the North Korean nuclear issue. China's state news agency Xinhua said Xi and Trump agreed to keep in touch closely on the issue.

17:34 French President Emmanuel Macron said Saturday there would be a new round of Paris climate talks on December 12.

17:33 At least 5,000 anti-globalization activists participated in a protest rally on the final day of the G20 summit. Hamburg police said the demonstration ended without any incident. There were reports of small groups of anti-capitalist Black Bloc protesters scuffling with German police.

17:33 Amnesty International's Secretary-General Salil Shetty urged G20 leaders to stand up to "hyper-nationalist" leaders in countries like Turkey and secure the release of group's local director and chairman.

"The country [Turkey] is in a serious human rights crisis," Shetty said on the summit sidelines. "It is impossible for the G20 on the one hand to say it upholds values of democracy and free speech and on the other ignore blatant violations of human rights."

16:17 Regarding her negotiations with President Trump, Germany's Chancellor Merkel said they had achieved good results on some issues, but some areas, such as trade, remain difficult.

"I am satisfied now that we have been able to ... say: we must keep markets open," said Merkel, noting that the G20 summit had also agreed to fight protectionism and to promote fair trade practices. The German chancellor underlined the compromise on trade had followed "hard negotiations" by the US.

16:10 "The declaration points out clearly what the US wants and what other G19 nations stand for regarding the climate change deal. It is not a common position," Merkel told the press conference.

"I think it's very clear that we could not reach consensus, but the differences were not papered over, they were clearly stated," Merkel told reporters at the end of the two-day meeting.


16:06 The final G20 statement recognized the US' decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, but the 19 other countries in the grouping said they were strongly committed to the accord.

16:00 Merkel slammed violent protests during the G20 summit, saying those who act in this way were not interested in political criticism.

15:57 Argentina will host next year's G20 summit, followed by Japan in 2019 and Saudi Arabia in 2020.

15:23 In the concluding G20 press conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that despite differences of opinions, the participants were able to find compromises, as reflected in the summit communiqué.

"The final declaration reflects that we have an action plan on terrorism and other issues," Merkel said, adding that more could be achieved through collective efforts.

15:14 Russia's President Putin assured G20 participants his country did not interfere in the 2016 US elections, according to Russia's TASS news agency.

15:04 Many anti-G20 demonstrators in Hamburg condemned the violent protests on Friday, saying the images of criminals wreaking havoc in the city tarnished the idea of peaceful protests and deviated from their actual message: "Solidarity without borders instead of G20!"

14:36 The US, Russia and Jordan have reached a ceasefire and "de-escalation" deal for southwestern Syria, hours after a meeting between US President Trump and Russian President Putin at the G20 summit. The truce is set to take effect on Sunday.

14:36 In spite of Trump's opposition to the Paris Agreement, the G20 communique called for the rapid implementation of the climate accord, according to the DPA news agency.

"We reaffirm our strong commitment to the Paris Agreement, moving swiftly towards its full implementation," the DPA quotes the G20's final text as saying.

The statement says the climate agreement, which has been one of the most divisive issues at the two-day summit in Hamburg, is "irreversible."

The statement also says the US "will endeavour to work closely with other countries to help them access and use fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently and help deploy renewable and other clean energy sources, given the importance of energy access and security in their nationally determined contributions," the sources said.

13:59 France's Macron told Russia's Vladimir Putin the two countries had made "tangible" progress in bilateral relations.

"So I think now we can move on to a new phase because we both saw that we were doing what we were saying," Macron said after the closed door meeting with Putin.

13:45 New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to meet with Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz and address a rally later on Saturday.

De Blasio is one of Trump's sharpest critics, and he is set to speak at a moderate "Hamburg zeigt Haltung" rally protesting state injustice in some G20 members.

13:40 Sources cited by dpa say the US opposes a draft statement that had been accepted by other G20 members.

13:35 Germany's Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere is urging the police and the judiciary crack down on violent protesters.

"The brutality shown by violent extremists yesterday and the day before in Hamburg is unimaginable and outrageous. They are not protesters; they are criminals."

Attacking people and destroying property "have nothing to do with protests or politics," he added.
"I thank the police officers whose actions prevented the worst. You and the police chiefs deserve full support and solidarity," de Maiziere said.

13:19 Around 20,000 people march through Hamburg as part of the "G20 - not welcome!" rally, the police says. No violence reported so far.

13:11 China's President Xi Jinping urged Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday to put aside "distractions" that have strained ties between Beijing and Tokyo. He also warned that China was not willing to compromise on Taiwan, according to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency.

13:06 G20 leaders pledged to take action against people smuggling and human trafficking.

"We are committed to taking action" against the smugglers, they said in a statement.

12:59 Hamburg State Interior Minister Andy Grote praised the police and their actions during yesterday's violence.

"We wanted to make sure that no officers were in danger," he said.

12:51 G20 countries are deciding on a joint action plan to spur global economic growth and create more jobs in all parts of the world. At the same time, the nations' leaders admit that they would not achieve a previously set goal of 2 percent growth by 2018, German dpa agency reports.

12:22 Police updates the casualty toll, saying that 213 officers have been injured while clashing with the protesters in Hamburg.

12:20 Some 12,000 protesters have gathered in Hamburg's central square by noon for the "G20 - not welcome!" rally, the police says.

12:05 A 27-year-old has been detained over the suspicion of using a laser pointer to dazzle pilots of a police helicopter on Thursday. He is to be tried for attempted murder, Der Spiegel reports.

11:59 The police are currently conducting a raid at a building in the Hamburg Schanzenviertel, the area that saw the toughest street clashes in the last two days, police chief Ralf Meyer told the German public broadcaster NDR. The security forces received information that criminal plots were being prepared at the location, he added.

Several other buildings are also being searched, according to German media.

11:50 Pope Francis warned against "very dangerous alliances" between G20 countries that would be directed against the refugees, referring specifically to the USA, Russia and China as well as the non-G20 countries North Korea and Syria.

In today's world, the main problem is the fate of the "poor, the weak, the isolated, which also includes the migrants," the pope said in an interview to "La Repubblica."

"That is why I am troubled by the G20, because migrants would be the first to be targeted."

11:45 DW's Fanny Facsar talked to a witness who says he saw a police attacking a peaceful protester.

11:38 Police say they failed to intervene sooner on Friday night because they feared for the lives of their officers. The authorities had information that the protesters on the roofs had concrete slabs and were preparing to set fires.

"We did not want to go in unprepared and fail to secure the area," said police spokesman Timo Zill. "An image of police pulling back would surely be catastrophic," he said.

11:27 Hamburg's Mayor Olaf Scholz urged the protesters to end the violence and make "peaceful coexistence" possible again, adding that his city and the whole of Germany deserved it.

"I am shaken over the violence that many had to endure, with their vehicles or property destroyed, or witnessing this brutality against police officers," he said.

11:23 France's Emmanuel Macron discussed the Paris climate accord and renewable energy projects while meeting China's Xi Jinping on Saturday.

11:18 Commenting on the overnight violence, a Hamburg police spokesman said the anti-police aggression "reached a new dimension." Officers' lives might have been at risk if SWAT teams had not intervened, he said.

11:02 The police is expecting heavy clashes with protesters to continue on Saturday. Police chief Ralf Martin Meyer says there are "clear indications" that violent attackers are likely to join the downtown anti-G20 rally on Saturday.

10:58 Putin met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of the Hamburg summit, according to Turkish Anadolu news agency. The two are expected to discuss the war in Syria. Efforts by Russia and Turkey "set a clear example for the international community," Erdogan said.

10:51 Various G20 leaders pledged a total of $325 million (285 million euros) to aid women entrepreneurs in poor countries.

10:39 Hamburg residents came out to help clear the debris from last night, DW's Jenny Witt says.

10:27 US President Trump praised Merkel as "amazing," saying she did "an incredible job" hosting the summit in Germany.

"Your leadership is absolutely incredible and very inspiring," he added.

10:19 Police report "tense atmosphere" as first anti-G20 protesters gather in downtown Hamburg

10:12 German Justice Minister Heiko Maas condemned the Hamburg rioters online, saying they deserved "no tolerance."

"Criminals belong before courts, not on the street," he tweeted.

10:09 Greenpeace activists have scaled Hamburg bridge to display a banner saying "G20: End Coal."

10:04 DW's Fanny Facsar reports on tough security measures from the streets of Hamburg:

9:56 Leaders of France, Germany and Russia agreed on the importance of implementing the ceasefire deal in Ukraine after meeting at the sidelines of the summit.

9:43 While meeting UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Donald Trump says the countries are working on a "very, very big deal, a very powerful deal" on trade between the two countries.

9:39 US President Donald Trump described his first-ever meeting with Vladimir Putin yesterday as "tremendous."

9:29 An EU official says that all G20 members agree on a statement on trade and commit to fighting protectionism.

9:17 Hamburg police say 213 officers have been injured in the violence.

08:37 An EU official says all G20 members are expected to support a joint communique after the meet, but adds there is still an outstanding issue on climate.

08:32 DW reporters at the scene survey the aftermath of last nights' riots in Hamburg.

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