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Image: Vanessa Juercke/DW

From Kabul to Berlin: Hamed and Fashion

April 21, 2022

Hamed Valy loves everything to do with fashion. Some time ago, he founded Afghanistan’s first and only modeling agency. Then the Taliban took control of the country, which spelled the end of his dreams.


Now in Berlin, he hopes to found a new agency.

Hamed Valy is a global citizen. Born in Afghanistan, he grew up in Iran and studied in India. Then he returned to Afghanistan to found the Modelstan agency there. Hamed hoped his agency would help make fashion, modeling and glamor more accepted in a country where traditional mores still held sway. But the resurgence of the Taliban there brought an end to his dream.

Hamed Valy | Mode-Choreograph
Image: Vanessa Juercke/DW

Now women who do not cover themselves in public are anathema. Last fall, Hamed left Afghanistan for Pakistan. Soon after that he arrived in Germany. Now in Berlin, he’s been taking German classes and dreaming of opening a new agency for modeling and fashion choreography. It’s a big dream but Hamed Valy is determined to make it a reality.


A report by Vanessa Juercks


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