Fired Schalke coach Felix Magath returns to familiar post at Wolfsburg | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 18.03.2011
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Fired Schalke coach Felix Magath returns to familiar post at Wolfsburg

Two days after Felix Magath and Bundesliga side Schalke parted company, Wolfsburg has announced that Magath will resume his old post with the team. Magath coached Wolfsburg to a Bundesliga title two years ago.

Felix Magath with the Bundesliga trophy

Magath coached Wolfsburg to its first title in 2009

It didn't take long for Felix Magath to find a new seat in the game of German coaching musical-chairs: less than a day after he parted company as coach, manager, and sporting director at Schalke, Magath was hired by Wolfsburg, the team he coached to a Bundesliga title two seasons ago.

Wolfsburg announced on Friday that Magath would have the same post as the team's coach and sporting director that he had in his previous stint with the team from 2007 -2009. Unconfirmed reports in the German media indicated that Wolfsburg's manager, Dieter Hoeness, had been simultaneously let go by the team.

Schalke fired Magath on Wednesday due the season's disappointment in the Bundesliga. Schalke is currently in 10th but has reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League. In addition to the coaching position, Magath was manager and a board member at Schalke.

Quick rebound

The move by Wolfsburg comes at a time when the team is threatened with relegation to the second league. They are currently second from last in the Bundesliga table, a position that would mean an automatic downgrade should they finish the season there.

Schalke fans hold a sign of disapproval for Magath

Schalke fans were against Magath most of the season

England's Steve McClaren started the year at the helm of Wolfsburg, but was sacked and replaced on an interim basis by Pierre Littbarski. In five games, Wolfsburg lost four and won one under Littbarski.

Magath is due to be officially presented by the team later on Friday. According to the Bundesliga website, Magath will run the team's Friday afternoon practice.

Wolfsburg's next match is Sunday against Stuttgart, and Magath could be sitting on the bench as coach by then. He will certainly be in place by the time Wolfsburg travels to Schalke on April 9.

While the general attitude toward Magath from Schalke officials, some players and fans before his departure was frosty, at best, some had begun to come around and show signs of support for the beleaguered coach.

Author: Matt Zuvela (Reuters, AP, DPA)

Editor: Nancy Isenson

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