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DW's guide to Germany for refugees

Rina GoldenbergSeptember 25, 2015

The number of refugees coming to Germany is rising. DW has put together information on how to apply for asylum, find accommodation, work, and health care, learn the language, and understand the way Germans tick.

refugees arriving at a German Train station
Image: picture-alliance/dpa

Applying for asylum in Germany can be a long and complicated process.

Those who can prove that they are persecuted in their home country for political, religious or ethnic reasons, or those whose lives are threatened by war, have good chances of getting at least a temporary permit to stay in Germany.

The chance of success is determined by the refugee's country of origin and travel route to Germany.

Refugees are initially distributed around the country into state-run homes for refugees to have their asylum applications processed.

Later, they may find their own private accommodation.

Every refugee has access to health care.

Depending on their status and residence permit, refugees may look for work and apply for their families to come to join them in Germany.

One of the keys to settling in is learning the language and finding friends - and understanding the way German society works.

Have a look at the photo gallery below for a short overview.