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South Africa's democracy faces crisis of trust

Stefan Möhl in South Africa
December 17, 2023

The African National Congress, the party that once stood for the end of apartheid, has governed South Africa for 30 years. But many voters want change before the 2024 general election.


Nolutahndo Hassamo has become disillusioned with the ANC. Most of all, she holds the government responsible for the widespread poverty. In Johannesburg, she's been taking to the streets to demonstrate for safe and affordable housing.

Social inequality is also one of the main points of criticism raised by the new social democratic party RISE Mzansi, together with the country's rising crime rate. Other parties blame foreigners for all of the country's problems and are calling for deportations.

The ANC can still hope to win the upcoming election — but discontent is growing in South Africa.

A report by Stefan Möhl.

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