Coronavirus latest: Spain to go into partial lockdown over coronavirus | News | DW | 14.03.2020

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Coronavirus latest: Spain to go into partial lockdown over coronavirus

Spain has declared a state of emergency and a partial lockdown over coronavirus, said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. People would not be allowed to leave their homes without a valid reason. Follow DW for the latest.

  • Spain registers over 1,500 COVID-19 cases in one day
  • Apple closes all stores worldwide outside of Greater China
  • Several more countries step up border closures and impose flight restrictions
  • US House of Representatives passes bill to help workers affected by coronavirus measures

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Updates in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC/GMT)

00:00 This concludes our live updates on the coronavirus outbreak for the moment. More information on the outbreak is available on our page and on DW TV. Thank you for joining us.

00:30: US President Donald Trump has tested negative for coronavirus, his doctor Sean Conley, said in a statement. Trump undertook the test after several people he had met in the past few weeks had tested positive for the virus.

23:02 The wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Begona Gomez, has tested positive for coronavirus, the prime minister's office said, adding that both were doing fine.   

22:40 While public life in Italy and Spain has been brought to a standstill, people in Germany are also restricting their activities to stop the spread of coronavirus. Read about what Germany is doing, in detail, here.

22:26 Election officials in the US state of Georgia have announced they will postpone presidential primaries scheduled for March 24 until May, AP reports, because of concerns over coronavirus. Georgia is the second state to do so, following Louisiana on Friday. 

22:03 Colombia expelled a French and a Spanish couple who violated coronavirus quarantine rules. The foreign nationals took separate tourist trips instead of staying isolated in their rooms for 14 days.

20:59 Despite the current coronavirus crisis in Germany, some 10 million voters in Bavaria will still be able to vote in the local elections on Sunday.

20:41 NBA player Rudy Gobert, a French national, donated $500,000 (€447,000) to support health services in the US and France, as well as employees of his Utah Jazz basketball team who have been impacted by the coronavirus. The athlete is the first NBA player to be infected with the coronavirus, and his diagnosis prompted the league to suspend the regular season this week.

20:36 Spanish residents are still allowed to go out in order to buy food, medicine, or other basic necessities. The lockdown will also not apply to people going out to medical centers and banks, or taking trips related to the care for the young and the elderly.

20:34 The central government in Madrid will assume control of all regional and local police forces in Spain amid the coronavirus crisis, the prime minister said.

20:27 All schools and universities will remain closed in Spain for the next 15 days, according to the government, which said the shutdown could be extended.

20:24 Israel has ordered its restaurants and entertainment venues to be closed, with the country's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging people not to go to work unless it's absolutely necessary.

20:18 All shops except those selling food, medication and other basic necessities, will be closed in Spain, says the country's prime minister.

20:16 The Spanish government has banned going out except for people traveling to work, buying food, or those having an urgent reason to leave their homes.

20:03 Spain has stepped up its isolation measures on Saturday evening, declaring that the entire country will go into partial lockdown.

The coronavirus crisis requires "extraordinary decisions," Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said.

20:02 Lithuania will close its borders to most foreign nationals, with exceptions made for people who have a permit to work in the country, according to the Interfax news agency. Lithuanian citizens were also banned from leaving, except for business trips.

19:16 France will keep grocery stores, pharmacies and tobacco shops open amid a wide-reaching shutdown, said French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, while also urging businesses to switch to "large-scale teleworking." Nationwide municipal elections scheduled for Sunday are also set to go ahead.

19:10 French cafes, restaurants, clubs, and all non-essential businesses will be closed from midnight local time (2300 UTC) said French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

18:58 The German Health Ministry is warning against "fake news" after false information started circulating online about measures prepared by the government.

"Claims are being made and a rapidly spreading, that the Health Ministry / the government would soon impose massive limitations on public life. This is NOT true!" the ministry tweeted.

18:45 Berlin and the northwest city of Cologne are to close all bars, cinemas, theaters, and concert halls in a bid to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Berlin authorities said they would also close museums, brothels, swimming pools, and gyms. However, both cities said restaurants and pubs that serve food would remain open. 

18:36 Chile imposed quarantine measures on two cruise ships with a total of over 1,300 aboard after an elderly passenger tested positive for the coronavirus.

18:34 France reports nearly 4,500 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, up from 3,661 on Friday. The total death toll is now 91, compared to 79 the day before.

18:21 Previously, US President Donald Trump said he had been tested for COVID-19 and was awaiting results. A White House doctor said Trump had limited exposure to people who later tested positive for the virus. Trump showed no symptoms and there was "no indication for home quarantine at this time," according to his doctor Sean P. Conley. The physician also said the president did not need to be tested, contradicting Trump who earlier said he would "most likely" undergo the test.

18:05 Italy has recorded almost 3,500 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases to 21,157, officials said on Saturday. The latest tally marks roughly a 20% increase compared to the day before and the biggest daily jump since the outbreak started.

17:53 Death toll in Spain reaches 193, up from 120 on Friday. The country now has over 6,250 cases, according to the public broadcaster TVE.

17:41 DW's Washington correspondent Alexandra von Nahmen recaps coronavirus news from the US.

"POTUS has been tested for coronavirus, White House physician's office gives temp checks to reporters in the briefing room, Trump’s travel ban also applies to the UK and Ireland. Oh boy!" she tweeted.

17:33 French officials were working to evacuate dozens of French nationals from Morocco after the African country suspended air, sea, and land links with Europe.

France's president Emmanuel Macron asked the Moroccan authorities to expedite the process.

"To our compatriots stranded in Morocco: new flights are being organized to allow you to return to France," he tweeted.

17:15 Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg says the country will close its airports on Monday morning. Norwegian citizens will be allowed to come home, she added.

17:07 US Vice President Mike Pence calls on nursing homes to restrict all visitors and non-essential personnel to protect the elderly.

17:02 Latvia said it would close its borders to foreigners starting Tuesday to fight the outbreak.

16:51 The US is banning travel to and from the UK and Ireland after already imposing a similar ban on 26 European countries. The latest restrictions will go into force at midnight on Monday, according to Vice President Mike Pence.

16:42 US President Donald Trump said he had been tested for the coronavirus "last night' while addressing reporters in the White House on Saturday. Trump also said it would take one or two days to receive the results.

16:28 The Palestinian Authority has suspended prayers in mosques and churches in the West Bank to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

16:25 Dozens of Hindu activists in India hosted a cow urine drinking event on Saturday in New Delhi, hoping that the practice staves off the coronavirus. Read the full article here.

16:18 The Italian Footballers' Association said they were "saddened and outraged" by clubs who were asking their players to attend training sessions amid the current outbreak. According to the organization, "some clubs" are bringing players in to train small groups or to check their temperature. Forcing them to leave their homes is a "shamefully irresponsible act," the association said.

16:01 The White House is conducting temperature checks on everyone who is in close contact with US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. A medical official checked the temperature of reporters in the White House briefing room before a news conference which was expected to involve Pence. One journalist was not allowed to attend.

15:47 Syria will delay its parliamentary elections from April 13 to May 20 due to the coronavirus, according to a statement from President Assad's office.

15:46 Italian carmaker Ferrari is closing two plants for the next two weeks and suspending operations for its Formula One team.

15:44 French security forces clashed with a group of around 400 "Yellow Vest" protesters who defied the coronavirus ban on public gatherings on Saturday. The French government has previously banned all gatherings of more than 100 people in order to curb the spread of the infection.

Grafitti in Berlin

A new mural in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg illustrates the fear of COVID-19

15:17 Russia is set to close its land borders with Poland and Norway to foreigners at midnight (2300 GMT). Citizens of Belarus will be exempt, and official delegations would still be able to travel freely, according to a statement. Russia has previously partially closed its 4,209 kilometer (2,615 miles) border with China.

15:12 People who were set to serve prison sentences over unpaid fines in Berlin have now had their sentences delayed due to the pandemic. A judiciary spokesman announced a four-month determent on Saturday, saying the move was aimed at lowering the infection risk in prisons.

15:10 Italian airline Alitalia says its passengers would be asked to wear face masks on busy flights. Those without masks could be denied boarding.

The measure is effective immediately and would apply "if a large number of travelers on board doesn't allow to respect the 1-meter interpersonal safety distance," a company statement says. The airline also advises travelers to wear masks "at airports, and during boarding and disembarking from aircraft."

15:06 The Houthi rebels in Yemen said they would halt passenger flights to and from Sanaa for two weeks to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

15:02 British low-cost airline Jet2 turned its Spain-bound planes around midair on Saturday while announcing it was halting trips to the south European country. Data from the Flightradar24 website, which tracks commercial aircraft, showed at least seven Jet2 airliners changing course and returning to the UK before reaching Spain on Saturday.

14:41 US President Donald Trump was attending "meetings" on the COVID-19 outbreak in the White House and called for "SOCIAL DISTANCING" on Twitter.

14:30 The coronavirus outbreak has claimed 10 more lives in England bringing the death toll to 21.

"I am sorry to confirm 10 further patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 in England have died," Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England, said in a statement. "All 10 individuals were in the at-risk groups."

14:28 Contrary to a previous version of this article, the nation-wide lockdown in Spain has not yet been officially confirmed. The latest reports indicate the measure would be announced later today. We apologize for the error.

14:14 Interested in live data on the coronavirus pandemic? The US-based Johns Hopkins University has provided an interactive map.

If you are unable to view the map, you can also access it on the Johns Hopkins University website.

13:52 Dutch authorities confirmed 155 new cases in the Netherlands on Saturday, bringing the number of patients to 959. 

13:29 Madrid has declared a nation-wide state of emergency. The government is also preparing a nation-wide lockdown which would order all residents to stay at home. Exceptions would be made for buying food and medicine, going to work, going to hospital, or other emergencies, according to a draft decree seen by the Reuters news agency.

13:12 France denied reports that it was considering injecting money into Air France-KLM. The flagship airline, along with other carriers around the world, is struggling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and Air France-KLM chief executive Benjamin Smith had spoken on Friday, a finance ministry official confirmed.

"As of today there is no recapitalization," the official said. "The subject today for Air France is how to get over this difficult moment to deal with the sharp drop in turnover." 

12:45 The French government is considering bailing out Air France-KLM, daily newspaper Les Echos reported. Citing a source familiar with the matter, the government would reportedly provide a capital injection to help the airline company sustain itself in the midst of falling revenues, due to impact of the coronavirus on its business.

12:21 Spain has confirmed more than 1,500 new cases of coronavirus between Friday and Saturday. The hike has raised the country’s total number of infections to 5,753, the second-highest number in Europe after Italy.

11:10 Iran has seen another drastic rise in the number of COVID-19 infections, surging from 1,365 to 12,729. Most new cases were registered in the capital Tehran.

The death toll also rose from 514 to 611, according to a Health Ministry spokesperson.

11:00 The federal German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the latest to close schools and daycares, in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Nearly all of Germany’s federal states have canceled classes, with the exception of Hesse, whose state government has made it optional for students to attend.

10:30 Turkey has banned entry to travelers from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Citizens of these nine countries are, however, allowed to leave Turkey.

Other foreign nationals who have been in these countries over the past 14 days will be barred entry, the interior ministry said. Meanwhile, Turkish citizens are "temporarily" suspended from traveling to the nine European countries, the ministry added.

09:45 Rwanda has registered its first case of coronavirus. The infected person is an Indian citizen who flew to the East African nation from Mumbai on March 8, displaying no symptoms at the time, the Health Ministry said.

Rwanda is the 19th African nation to report COVID-19 infections.

09:19 Norway has asked its citizens to not travel abroad for the next month and urged those outside the country to consider returning home as soon as possible.

Oslo's main airport shut its gates to foreign travelers on Friday, as the government moved to close a range of private and public institutions, schools and restaurants, while urging citizens to work from home whenever possible.

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08:20 Germany’s Robert Koch Institute has expanded its list of coronavirus high-risk areas to the Spanish capital of Madrid and Austria’s Tyrol region, which borders northern Italy.

08:00 Apple says it will close all of its stores worldwide for two weeks, except those in Greater China, which reopened on Friday. 

"In all of our offices, we are moving to flexible work arrangements worldwide outside of Greater China," CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. "That means team members should work remotely if their job allows."

07:30 Mayors of the 16 Philippine cities that comprise metropolitan Manila have announced nighttime curfews and urged shopping malls to close for one month. Authorities are racing to contain the spread of COVID-19 in an area that is home to 12 million people.

"To limit the spread of the virus, we need to limit the movement of people. We are slowing down the movement of people in Metro Manila," said Jose Arturo Garcia, general manager of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

07:00 German Health Minister Jens Spahn has called for all travelers who are returning from Italy, Austria and Switzerland to self-quarantine for 14 days, whether they have symptoms or not.

06:24 Saudi Arabia is suspending all international flights for two weeks in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

"The Kingdom's government decided to suspend international flights for two weeks (Starting from March 15th) as part of its efforts to prevent the spread of #CoronaVirus," the foreign ministry tweeted.

06:17 New Zealand has announced the world's tightest border controls requiring all incoming travelers, including its own citizens, to self-isolate for two weeks. The restrictions will begin on Sunday.

"Alongside Israel, and a small number of Pacific Islands who have effectively closed their border, this decision will mean New Zealand will have the widest-ranging and toughest border restrictions of any country in the world," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

04:41 Coronavirus aid legislation has passed in the US House of Representatives. The bill provides free coronavirus testing, paid sick leave for people who contract the virus, stronger unemployment insurance, and greater food aid to families that require it. 

Having passed with overwhelming support in the House, the bill now moves to the Senate for a vote scheduled for early next week. 

Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi negotiated the terms of the aid package with the Trump administration

04:31 A White House physician has confirmed that US President Donald Trump last weekend encountered a second individual who later tested positive for coronavirus.

The president does not require quarantine or testing for the virus, Dr. Sean P. Conley said in a statement. 

"The President's exposure to the first individual was extremely limited (photograph, handshake) and though he spent more time in closer proximity to the second case, all interactions occurred before any symptom onset," he said. 

04:25 Colombia is barring entry to all visitors who were in Asia or Europe in the last two weeks. 

04:20 Beginning Monday, the Badminton World Federation will suspend all tournaments. 

04:11 Colombia is closing its border with Venezuela to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

04:10 Honduras has recorded its third case of coronavirus.

04:05 US President Donald Trump's 30-day ban on foreign travelers arriving from Europe has now gone into effect. 

04:00 The US Department of Defense is halting all domestic travel for military members from March 16 through May 11 in an attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus throughout the armed forces.

The move applies to all service members, Department of Defense civilians, and their families, a statement from the Pentagon said.

"This restriction will halt all domestic travel, including Permanent Change of Station, and Temporary Duty," it said. 

03:55 Uruguay is barring entry to travelers from Germany and 8 other "risk countries." These include China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Iran, Italy, Spain, and France. 

The Latin American country confirmed its first four cases of coronavirus on Friday. 

03:50 Puerto Rico has announced its first cases of coronavirus. Three cases have been confirmed in the US territory, Governor Wanda Vazquez said.

As a result, Puerto Rico's public school system will close for 14 days to slow the spread of the infection. 

03:45 The virus has caused huge disruptions to daily life around the globe, and that includes sports. Check out the latest coronavirus developments in the sports world here

03:38 German Health Minister Jens Spahn reiterated on Twitter that people returning to Germany from Italy, Austria, and Switzerland should self-quarantine at home for 14 days.

"If you have been in Italy, Switzerland, or Austria within the last 14 days: avoid unnecessary contacts and stay at home for two weeks," the minister wrote on Twitter. This applies "whether you have symptoms or not."

03:32 Mexico is considering imposing travel restrictions on its northern border with the US to prevent coronavirus from spreading south into the Latin American country.

"If it were technically necessary to consider mechanisms of restriction or stronger surveillance, we would have to take into account not that Mexico would bring the virus to the United States, rather than the United States could bring it here," Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell said in a press conference. 

Mexico currently has 26 confirmed cases of coronavirus. 

03:21 Cambodia is blocking entry to foreign travelers from Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the US for 30 days starting on Tuesday to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Southeast Asian country has reported seven cases of coronavirus, six of them foreigners. 

03:11 Starting from Sunday, Saudi Arabia will suspend all international flights for two weeks. 

02:55 The German Association of General Practitioners has called for rules regarding sick leave to be relaxed in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

The simple process of obtaining a seven-day medical leave of absence should be extended to 14 days, association chairman Ulrich Weigelt told the Rheinische Post. Medical professionals have said that the contagion period for COVID-19 is 14 days. 

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02:50 The US Transportation Department has issued an emergency declaration that waives hours-of-service requirements for commercial drivers transporting emergency coronavirus relief. 

"This declaration will help America’s commercial drivers get these critical goods to impacted areas faster and more efficiently," said the department's acting administrator, Jim Mullen, in a statement.

The declaration covers vehicles carrying medical equipment and testing supplies, food to restock stores, and supplies such as gloves, masks, disinfectants, and soap. 

The order requires that drivers receive time off once a delivery is complete. It is this first time such an order has been issued on a national level. 

02:43 The Czech government says it will close all restaurants and shops, with the exception of groceries, pharmacies, and drug stores, for the next 10 days. 

02:24 China, the country the most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, reported 11 new cases of coronavirus on Friday, bringing the national total to 80,824. Over 65,500 cases have already recovered and 3,189 people have died. 

02:15 The US has reported its 50th coronavirus-related death. 

02:11 The Philippines has reported another coronavirus death, bringing the national death toll to 6. 

02:00 Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) have called for legal changes that would make it easier for working parents to care for children kept at home in situations like the coronavirus outbreak, which has caused many schools and preschools around the country to shut their doors.  

"One possibility could be to expand the regulation that allows me to look after my child for ten days if he or she is ill. That could be extended to government-ordered school closings and the possible duration be extended," SPD vice-chairwoman Anke Rehlinger told the Rheinische Post

01:45 US Olympic wrestling trials have been postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus fears. 

01:40 Chile has banned public events with more than 500 people. 

01:35 Jamaica's prime minister has declared the island a disaster area due to the threat of a coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the country is seeking 100 Cuban nurses to help manage the spread of the infection. Travel restrictions are also being imposed on people arriving from Britain. 

Thus far, Jamaica has eight confirmed cases of coronavirus. 

01:25 Some churches in Rome have been reopened in response to criticism from Pope Francis. Despite the severe coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Cardinal Vicar Angelo De Donatis said he had decided to reopen some churches after meeting with the pope. 

The pope had previously said that "drastic measures are not always good." All churches remain closed to tourists, however. 

Italy is second only to China in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. 

01:20 The US State Department has warned the Chinese ambassador to the US after a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman suggested that the US military brought COVID-19 to Wuhan, the Chinese city where the outbreak began.

"Spreading conspiracy theories is dangerous and ridiculous," a state department official told Reuters. "We wanted to put the government on notice we won't tolerate it for the good of the Chinese people and the world."

01:16 South Korea, one of the countries the worst affected by the virus outbreak, reported 107 new cases of coronavirus on Friday. This brings the national total to 8,086. 

01:15 Mexico's health minister says the country has 26 confirmed cases of coronavirus. 

01:11 New York City has opened its first drive-through coronavirus testing station. People concerned that they may have been infected with the virus can remain in their automobiles as a medical professional collects the necessary biological samples. These are then sent to a lab, which returns a positive or negative diagnosis within 24 hours. 

Medical personnel swab a driver's nose at a drive-through coronavirus testing site in Seattle, Washington

Medical personnel swab a driver's nose at a drive-through coronavirus testing site in Seattle, Washington

01:00 Bolivia has reported seven locally transmitted cases of COVID-19, bringing the national total to 10, including three cases linked to travel. 

00:55 US President Donald Trump says he fully supports the "H.R. 6201: Families First Coronavirus Response Act," a bill that the US House of Representatives will vote on shortly. 

00:51 Guatemala's president is banning the entry into the country of people coming from the United States and Canada. 

00:46 Argentine soccer club River Plate are refusing to play a match against Atletico Tucuman due to "the severe risks to the health of the professional squad," the club has said. 

One player has shown symptoms compatible with coronavirus. The club said they will shut down until further notice and are refusing to play any matches. 

A day before, the Argentine government had canceled all international sporting events in the country until the end of the month. 

00:41 The African countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Guinea and Mauritania have all confirmed their first cases of the new coronavirus.

00:39 Due to coronavirus fears, New Zealand has canceled a memorial service honoring the lives of 51 people killed in the Christchurch massacre last year.

On March 15, 2019, a gunman attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand

Thousands of people had been expected to attend the remembrance service. New Zealand currently has five confirmed cases of COVID-19. 

00:30 That White House has said that US President Donald Trump will host a video conference with all Group of 7 (G7) leaders early next week to discuss the development of the coronavirus outbreak. 

00:20 Unions and student groups in Colombia say they plan to go ahead with a strike scheduled for March 25 to protest the social and economic policies of President Ivan Duque despite the coronavirus outbreak. Public marches have, however, been canceled.

"The strike on March 25 is going ahead. However, we are asking Colombians not to leave their houses as there will be no transport," said Diogenes Orjuela, head of the Central Union of Workers. "We will hoist Colombian flags decorated with black tape to condemn the killings and violence. The strike will last 24 hours and we are not going to break protocols because safety is paramount," Orjuela said.

Colombia's government has declared a health emergency to try to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

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00:15 2,450 passengers of a cruise ship have disembarked in California and are now being transported to quarantine sites. 

00:10 The chairman of Germany's conservative Christian Social Union Party (CSU), the Bavarian sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian-Democrats, has called for the German armed forces, or Bundeswehr, to be more involved in fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

"We should consider involving the Bundeswehr more," said CSU Chairman and Bavarian President Markus Söder. "Their nursing personnel, doctors, laboratory facilities, and their free capacities in hospitals...In view of this crisis, it's essential."

A Bundeswehr spokesman told the Rheinische Post that the organization is currently assisting on an administrative level, for example by providing laboratory capacity and medical protective equipment. 

Europe: COVID-19's New Epicenter

00:03 Here's a recap of the global figures:

  • 145,341 confirmed cases globally
  • 5,416 global deaths
  • 70,931 recovered

00:01 Follow yesterday's developments here: Coronavirus latest: Italy death toll surpasses 1,000

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