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Climate activists pour oily liquid at German FDP party HQ

April 13, 2023

Last Generation activists poured several buckets of an oil-like substance at the entrance of the FDP headquarters. The demonstration was part of a bigger operation targeting more than 20 company bases.

A Last Generation activist dumps an oil-like liquid on the walls of the neoliberal FDP headquarters in Berlin
Last Generation activists dumped splashed an oil-like liquid on the entrance of the neoliberal FDP headquarters in BerlinImage: Jonas Gehring/imago images

Alongside the demonstration on Thursday, Last Generation activists put up posters seeking to shame the neoliberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) for its support of diesel-powered vehicles.

The demonstration follows after FDP's opposition last month to the EU's proposition to stop the sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035. Activists have said on Twitter that they aimed to draw attention to the "destruction of our livelihoods."

It was reported that the oil-like substance could be washed off with water.

Which other locations were targeted?

More than 20 buildings of company and party headquarters and lobbying associations in Berlin were targets of a coordinated "spring rebellion" on Thursday. Bayer, BP, Shell and Deutsche Bank were among the companies affected, according to protesters. 

The demonstrations were a cooperation between the German climate group Last Generation and the international Extinction Rebellion and Scientist Rebellion. Last week, Last Generation activists blocked key roads around the German city of Hamburg, causing kilometers-long traffic jams.

Recently, the Fridays for Future movement has distanced itself from Last Generation's demonstrations, which seek to cause maximum disruption to draw attention to the climate emergency.

"The climate crisis needs solutions for society as a whole, and we can only find and fight for them together, not by turning people against each other in everyday life," spokesperson Annika Rittmann told the DPA news agency.

Last Generation activists paint an oil-like liquid on the walls of the neoliberal FDP headquarters in Berlin
The expected confirmation of EU's agreed ban on combustion engine in new cars was postponed as a result of German opposition led by the neoliberal Free Democrats (FDP)Image: Jonas Gehring/imago images

The so-called "spring rebellion" is expected to last until Monday and further demonstrations are planned, according to activists.  Extinction Rebellion protesters had set up a camp in Berlin's Invalidenpark on Wednesday.

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