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Candidate Schulz: Can Merkel be beaten?

January 27, 2017

Germany’s Social Democrats are sending Martin Schulz to do battle with Angela Merkel in September’s election. Does he stand a chance? Guests: Ulrike Guérot (European Democracy Lab), Alan Posener (Die Welt) and Derek Scally (Irish Times).


Our guests:

DW Quadriga - Gast Ulrike Guérot
Image: DW

Ulrike Guérot is the founder and director of the think tank European Democracy Lab. She says: "Martin Schulz represents the hope that Germany's role in Europe will change. That will be good for European social democracy, and it will stop the rise of the right-wing populists."


DW Quadriga - Gast Derek Scally
Image: DW

Derek Scally is the Germany correspondent of the Irish Times. He says: “The SPD and Martin Schulz have to finally decide what they want to be: Merkel's majority-maker or enabler of a new, social EU.”


DW Quadriga - Gast Alan Posener
Image: DW


Alan Posener is a political commentator for Die Welt and he says: “Martin Schulz has spent his entire political life in Brussels. He has no idea how Germany ticks. He will lead the SPD into oblivion.” 

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