Brexit: Germany′s DB Schenker suspends deliveries from EU to UK | News | DW | 13.01.2021

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Brexit: Germany's DB Schenker suspends deliveries from EU to UK

The logistics company said that Brexit-caused paperwork was placing a massive strain on their UK staff. However, there were no problems with packages coming from the UK to Europe, according to DB Schenker.

German logistics giant DB Schenker said ion Wednesday it was halting deliveries from the European Union to the UK, less than two weeks since the country officially left the EU customs union.

The logistics company said the suspension stemmed from the lack of properly filled paperwork on deliveries due to Brexit. It did not say when the suspension would be lifted.

"Only around 10 percent of the deliveries assigned to DB Schenker are accompanied by complete and correct paperwork," said DB Schenker in a statement.

Significance and consequences of Brexit

The company added that investigating the documentation linked to the deliveries was causing a massive strain on their British-based staff, who were unable to cope with the sheer volume of the problem. DB Schenker said there was no trouble with deliveries from the UK to continental Europe.

While the company was not accepting new deliveries to the UK, it said it would still deliver items that have already been accepted. DB Schenker says it handles about 500,000 shipments from mainland Europe to the UK every year.

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kbd/dj (dpa, Reuters)