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27.04.2013 DW Discover Germany - Bremen
Image: DW

Discover Bremen and Bremerhaven

April 29, 2013

Together, these two cities on the Weser River make up Germany’s smallest state. Take a trip through town, and you’ll see that tradition and cosmopolitan attitudes go very much hand in hand here.


The 600-year-old town hall, with its Renaissance-era facade, is one of Bremen's biggest landmarks. Just a few meters away is the statue of Roland. According to legend, Bremen will remain free and independent as long as he looks after the city. Both structures are UNESCO World Heritage sites. One of the other symbols of the city is the Town Musicians of Bremen, a bronze statue based on one of Grimm's fairytales. Despite its historical character, Bremen is also looking toward the future. Anyone interested in seeing what it's like to conduct research at the International Space Station can take a tour of the EADS Astrium.

Follow the Weser River and you'll find yourself in Bremerhaven. For years, it served as a gateway to the world for German emigrants. Today, the “Klimahaus” climate center is a top attraction for science-minded travelers.

Bremen & Bremerhaven - Roland and Space Travel

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