Freiburg, the city that is kissed by the sun | DW Travel | DW | 08.04.2013
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Freiburg, the city that is kissed by the sun

Freiburg in the heart of the Black Forest has a reputation for its high quality of life. It’s among the sunniest cities in Germany, and with its beautiful old town and super local cuisine it’s a real treat for visitors.

Freiburg's most famous landmark is the Minster, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. But despite its appearance, the medieval-style historic district is quite new. Most of the original buildings were damaged or destroyed during the Second World War, and it took decades of painstaking work to restore and reconstruct them.

Freiburg is also known for the Bächle – little brooks running through the city. And the city is big on nature, boasting a 500-kilometer-long network of cycle paths extending into the delightful surrounding countryside.

Culinary aficionados can look forward to regional specialties with locally-sourced ingredients as well as regional wines. That's also on the menu at Zum Roten Bären, which is said to be the oldest inn in Germany. It's been serving diners and drinkers for 700 years.

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Freiburg, kissed by the sun

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