A Year with Young Artists in Berlin | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 06.10.2005
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A Year with Young Artists in Berlin

Never before has there been such a widespread fascination with young contemporary art and Berlin is in the centre of the action.


The happening place these days is the district called Mitte in the "new" old heart of the German capital. This is where the young creative scene meets, artists like to have their studios and galleries have set up shop. This is where you can find the artists' gallery Echolot. Eleven artists actually own it, along with their art dealer-gallery manager Annette von Speßhardt. In our12 in Mitte series we spent a whole year charting the highs and lows in the lives of these young artists and their gallery manager looking for a breakthrough. We visited them in their studios and at home and travelled along with the artists to exhibitions. The eight-part series was broadcast world-wide in July and August 2005 on DW-TV’s magazine KULTUR.21/ ARTS.21.


Arts.21 02.07.2005
Part 1: Meet our 12 Heroes: Eleven artists along with their gallery manager looking for a breakthrough with their Echolot project.


Arts.21. 09.07.2005
Part 2: What's love got to do with it?
Living with partners who are also deeply involved in art: the artist couple Conny Renz and Marcel Bühler and painter Jana Franke and famous art dealer Gerd Harry Lybke.



Arts.21. 16.07.2005
Part 3: Everyday Life: Sophie Hammarström’s snapshots in oil and the highs and lows in an artist’s life.


Arts.21. 30.07.2005
Part 4: Art & Money
Graphic artist Christiane Baumgartner, sculptor Sven Braun and painter Franziska Holstein are three from our 12 in Mitte dealing with the big question: How much am I worth?


Arts.21 6.08.2005
Part 5: Talking Shop:
How to conquer the art market! Hard on the heels of gallery manager Annette von Speßhardt we gain an insight into the tricks of the trade.


Arts.21 13.08.2005
Part 6: Turning Points:
How do painter Rebecca Raue and photographer Maria Meyer deal with life changing events and what impact do they have on their art?


Arts.21 20.08.2005
Part 7: New York, New York!
Travelling with painter Susanne Kühn and gallery manager Annette von Speßhardt to a sold-out show in the Big Apple.


Arts.21 27.08.2005
Part 8: Taking Stock: Achievements, aspirations and hopes for the future