A doll brothel and Hitler′s teeth — DW′s most-read articles of 2018 | World| Breakings news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 29.12.2018
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A doll brothel and Hitler's teeth — DW's most-read articles of 2018

Visitors to our website also found religion and gun control particularly fascinating topics in 2018. We present some of our most popular articles — along with our heartfelt thanks to our readers!

A delicate subject

An old maxim has it that one shouldn't discuss religion at the dinner table. But reading about it seems to be a popular pastime, as our most-read article for 2018 shows:

The main differences between Catholics and Protestants

Kassel Kirchenwoche Woche für das Leben Reinhard Marx und Heinrich Bedford-Strohm (Imago/A. Fischer)

So close, but so far apart: Catholic and Protestant leaders in Germany

An ongoing debate

Few topics in the US are more hotly debated than the issue of gun control. And many people across the world seem to have been stirred by this action by American school students: 

Florida school shooting survivors launch US-wide gun-reform tour

Time for a change — or change for a time?

A very different debate gripped the European Union in 2018 — and no, it wasn't Brexit this time:

EU to stop changing the clocks in 2019

But such haste is not really Brussels' thing, as this follow-up article shows:
EU needs more time before ending clock changes

Field of clocks on poles in Düsseldorf (Imago/Future Image/C. Hardt)

Most Germans seem to oppose daylight saving time

And meanwhile in Germany ...

The perennial favorite

Our intrepid reporter Chase Winter delved into the innermost recesses of the human psyche with this one: 

Inside Bordoll, a German sex-doll brothel in Dortmund

Dolls at the bordel (DW/C. Winter)

All dolled-up and ready to go at Dortmund's Bordoll

No, not alive and well and living in ...

DW's Jefferson Chase reported on dental evidence of Hitler's certain death in 1945:

Hitler teeth test dispels myths of Nazi leader's survival

Too good to be true

One article about the heavy-metal Wacken festival generated huge amounts of reader interest:

Elderly men escape nursing home to go to Wacken metal festival

— only to turn out not to be (quite) true:

Man wearing fruit on his head (picture-alliance/dpa/A. Heimken)

Heavy metal, pineapples and melons: What's not to like?

Men escape nursing home for Wacken? What really happened

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