Why so slow? Germany′s reluctant move into the digital age | Meet the Germans | DW | 19.02.2020
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Meet the Germans

Why so slow? Germany's reluctant move into the digital age

Digitalization has been a buzzword in German politics for years. But has much really changed? And do Germans even want to go digital?

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Rachel is on a mission to investigate the quirks and idiosyncrasies of daily life in Germany. Every two weeks she explores a new topic — from beer to nudity to complicated grammar — and heads out to get some tips from the Germans themselves.

Rachel moved from the UK to Germany in 2016. As a relative newcomer she casts a fresh eye over German clichés and shares her experiences of settling into German life. This week it's all about the digital age in Germany.

You'll find more from Meet the Germans on YouTube or at dw.com/meetthegermans.

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