Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 04.12.2020

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Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa

On this week's Eco Africa, we look into sustainable forestry practices in Ghana, meet a tireless anti-plastic campaigner in Senegal and learn to love Kenya's endangered vultures.

On this week's edition of Eco Africa, we bring you a host of smart innovations for a greener planet!

First, we visit the Social Innovation Academy in Mpigi, near the Ugandan capital. It is a unique talent campus where young people can try to turn their social and environmental dreams into reality.

Then we head over to Ghana where an entrepreneur is fighting deforestation. He has acquired a tract of land where he practices sustainable forestry and makes environmentally friendly products like soaps and candles.

In Germany, we have a look at how cities are future-proofing despite growing urbanization.

After that we meet Nigerian artist Olalekan Olasekan who has never met a tree he doesn't like. He also hates when wood is wasted and his art draws attention to the animals and insects losing their habitats through deforestation.

In Kenya, we learn to love one of nature's best cleanup crews — vultures. They clean up carcasses in the wild, but they are under threat themselves. An NGO is teaching locals the vital role these birds play in the ecosystem in the hope of saving them.

Finally, we catch up with Modou Fall. For years he has been a tireless anti-plastic campaigner in Senegal. There he gladly swaps a paper bag for a plastic one just to get it out of circulation. Now his work is paying off as the country bans some single-use plastic items.

Check out the show and let us know what you think at ecoafrica@dw.com.