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The new arms race: A more dangerous world?

February 20, 2018

US President Donald Trump is planning one of the country's biggest defense budgets of all time. Is the world facing the threat of a new arms race between the US, Russia and China? Guests: Xanthe Hall (ICAN), Constanze Stelzenmüller (Brookings Institute), Malte Lehming (Tagesspiegel).

DW Quadriga 15.02.2018 | Constanze Stelzenmüller
Image: DW

Constanze Stelzenmüller, is a political analyst from the Brookings Institution in Washington. She says: “The world has become a lot more dangerous in the last twelve months. Problems with effective arms control are only one of several reasons.”


DW Quadriga 15.02.2018 | Malte Lehming
Image: DW

Malte Lehming works as an author for the daily newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel”. He says: “None of the great powers profits from any kind of military escalation. The world is getting very unpredictable, not necessarily more dangerous.”




DW Quadriga 15.02.2018 | Xanthe Hall
Image: DW

Xanthe Hall co-founded the German affiliate of ICAN, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2017 for its work to ban nuclear weapons. She says: "Since the adoption by the UN of a nuclear ban last July, I am optimistic that nuclear weapons can be abolished in my lifetime."