The 77 Percent | The 77 Percent | DW | 12.11.2020

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The 77 Percent

The 77 Percent

Somali social activist and winner of the German Africa Prize Ilwad Elman joins us in the studio to discuss how she supports young Somalis whose lives have been derailed by the decades-long conflict.


Winner of the German Africa Prize 2020: Ilwad Elman

Somali human rights activist Ilwad Elman has been awarded the 2020 German Africa Prize. The social activist has dedicated her life to improving the lives of people in her home country Somalia. Her organization helps former child soldiers and rape survivors in Mogadishu deal with trauma and re-adjust to civilian life.


Ilwad Elman: Championing human rights in Somalia

Elizabeth Shoo speaks to Somali human rights activist Ilwad Elman, the winner of the 2020 German African Prize. Having left Somalia at a young age, she returned to her homeland in 2010 to follow in the footsteps of her activist family. Today her organization rehabilitates child soldiers and victims of sexual violence.


Homecoming: Tracy Boateng mixing it up in Ghana

Born in Germany and raised in the Netherlands, Tracy never felt truly African. But when her parents sent her to Ghana to get to know her cultural home, Tracy discovered huge potential for doing business there. So she packed her bags and settled in Ghana permanently, launching her own company: Cocktails & Co.


Nigeria's hidden vintage car industry

Vintage car lover Afam Dozie has a passion for restoring old classics. He has turned this passion into a fledging business that employs several young people in Nigeria. Over the years, his iconic cars have even been featured in several music videos and films.


My City Durban

Welcome to Durban, South Africa's coastal city which is famous for its great beaches and some of the best surfing spots. The lifeguards and surf teachers, Khayelihle Ngcobo and Alvin Mtatshi, show us around the famous beachfront known as the Golden Mile. A perfect swell and a warm ocean year-round make Durban Africa's surfing capital.

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