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Sri Lanka on the brink of bankruptcy

June 24, 2022

With debts of more than $50bn owed to foreign creditors, Sri Lanka is on the brink of bankruptcy and facing its worst economic crisis since independence. The country is fast running out of gasoline and medicine.

BdTD Sri Lanka | Warteschlange an einer Tankstelle
Image: Eranga Jayawardena/AP Photo/picture alliance

Also on Global 3000:


DW Sendung Global 3000 - Schiffstransporte
Image: DW

The environmental toll of shipping freight

Shipping accounts for about 3% of global emissions, just behind the aviation industry, and more than all coal-fueled power plants in the US. So why doesn't shipping get more attention? How has it managed to stay under the radar?


Global 3000 | 13.09.21 | Chile Araukarienbäume
Image: DW

Indigenous peoples and Chile's Araucaria Forest

The monkey puzzle tree is one of the oldest tree species in the world, dating back to the dinosaur age. Climate change and deforestation are a threat to the trees, but in areas inhabited by indigenous peoples in Chile, their numbers are increasing.


DW Sendung Global 3000 - Südafrika
Image: DW

Global Snack - South African Roosterkoek

"Roosterkoek" is a bread snack with a filling, that's been made in the Western Cape for centuries. No one makes them better than Casper Moss at the Route 27 snackbar.



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