Social media reacts to Germany′s shock World Cup 2018 exit | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 27.06.2018
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Social media reacts to Germany's shock World Cup 2018 exit

In one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history, champions Germany will depart Russia 2018 after just three group stage games. The world of social media was as surprised as anyone, here are some of the reactions.

Germany's World Cup exit caught the world by surprise, and that includes the internet.Here are some prominent social media users' posts on Die Mannschaft's first ever first round exit from a World Cup since 1938.

DW's Alima Hotakie was at Germany's most famous fan zone, at the center of Berlin. This is what it looked like once it was clear that Joachim Löw's men were going home.

Several retired footballers also took the chance to voice their opinions on the current state of Germany's national team.

Former Bayern Munich man Mario Basler, a staunch critic of the national team of late, said: "When you don't win this game, you have nothing to do in the next stage! (Germany) doesn't belong there! Period!”

One of the players criticized the most by Basler was Mesut Özil. This user tweeted a stat trying to show that today's result wasn't his fault.

Another former Bayern player, Michael Ballack, tweeted his views on the current crop of German players.

Many users have discussed whether Leroy Sane's exclusion from the squad just before the World Cup was the right decision. This tweet took a pretty tongue-in-cheek approach...

Some took the chance to get one back at Germany. A Brazilian sports channel's tweet went viral. Safe to say they still haven't come to terms with that 7-1...

Former F1 champion Nico Rosberg is a big fan of the German national team. His tweet captures the emotions of football fans across the country right now, without even saying a word.

And Würzburg-born NBA star Dirk Nowitzki has echoed the same sentiment, saying he'll "need some time" after Germany's World Cup exit. Don't we all, Dirk, don't we all...

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