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Serbia: Residence permits of Russian war opponents revoked

February 29, 2024

Russian citizen Elena Koposova has been living in Serbia with her family for five years. Recently, the Belgrade authorities unexpectedly revoked her residence permit. She was told that she poses a national "security risk" and must leave the country. Koposova believes it is a result of her solidarity with Ukraine.


Five years ago, Russian citizen Elena Koposova and her family decided to make a fresh start in Serbia.

Recently, the Serbian Interior Ministry unexpectedly revoked her residence permit and told Koposova that she and her family must leave the county within 30 days. She suspects that this decision has come as a result of her openly expressing her political beliefs by signing a letter condemning Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Koposova has appealed the authorities' decision. But for now, no one knows what will happen next.